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Mona Mona Mission QLD

Mona Mona Mission

Postcode: 4881

The Mona Mona Aboriginal Mission is a former Seventh-day Adventist mission established near Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.

In 1913, large numbers, particularly of Djabugay people, were rounded up and forcibly taken to the mission. Until 1940 it was almost self-sufficient, growing its own food, and cutting and milling timber. After this period, soil fertility deteriorated and with the increasing costs, the mission soon became unviable. Also the city of Cairns was growing and needed more water.A decision was made to flood Flaggy Ck which flowed through the mission land and would have flooded the mission houses. In 1962 the mission was closed and the people dispersed into the nearby towns. However the dam did not go ahead and some Djabugay people and former residents have moved back to Mona Mona and built houses. They have been waiting for the Queensland government to consider building new houses for all residents and other infrastructure including a school.