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Mothar Mountain QLD

Mothar Mountain

Postcode: 4570

Mothar Mountain is an area of Queensland suited to the growing of grapes. Most of the soil is of an alluvial nature and is able to sustain both red and white varieties of suitable grapes to produce a vintage after the first 3 years.

The rain fall is approx. 8 inches per year which is generally suited to the growing of grapes. Another feature of this area is the climatic conditions which prevail most years and is most favourable to the growing of grapes for both table and wines.

The underpinning product result rests with the control of the grape rust mite. Controling this pest through the use of a suitable pesticide will return a good first harvest although it is recommended that the fruit is not harvested until a holding period of 4 weeks has eclipsed.

The harvesting of the fruit is time consuming for the small farmer as they would not have the staff necessary for a full working parcel of land. This adds to the costs of the finished product and needs to be considered in any business plan when considering applying for a small business loan to start the project.